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Friday, January 19, 2018

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The Ridge is mostly (but not exclusively) dedicated to publishing news and information about growth investing: the science and art of identifying and investing in the technologies, companies or sectors with very high potential for growth. You will find numerous news, articles, analysis and reports covering the companies and sectors with a good chance to start, or in some cases well into their way to, an exponential growth phase in revenues, earnings and of course share price. We call this investing paradigm Exponential Growth Investing (EGI), although it is not something totally new and you can find similar approaches elsewhere with different names. Please note the highlighted term above. Having a good chance is very different to being certain and this is something the permeates through all the contents in the site and that is the notion of high risk: a few companies will succeed and achieve the nirvana of exponential growth phase but many more will just fail. As with any investment paradigm diversification is the key to find the right balance between risk and return that fits your investing profile. The Ridge is a publishing site that provides news and information but none of it should be considered as investment advise or solicitation to buy or sell any financial product. Please read the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy for more detailed information and disclaimers.

Exponential stocks are driven by the most amazing, innovative and disruptive new technologies out there: nanotechnology, genetics, advanced robotics and sensors, biotechnology, photonics, new medical devices and drugs, advanced materials, artificial intelligence, networks and communication, big data and cloud services, renewable energy technologies, etc. The key to identifying growth potential is to follow and stay up-to-date on the latest discoveries and trends related to the fields above. This is a time-consuming and demanding task given the large amount of information available. We at The Ridge continuously scan for the latest information by reading academic journals, by talking and interviewing companies and sector leaders and by attending events and conferences around the world. The end result is a filtered flow of interesting news and articles that we publish regularly and make available in this site for free.

The Ridge has a simple and easy to understand structure based on the above.
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